Group Exercise is a great way to get a guided workout without the personal training price tag! We offer a variety of classes that will be fun and challenging for everyone regardless of abilities or fitness level.  Our current classes with descriptions are listed below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for check out our virtual group exercise schedule by clicking here.

An epic workout! This 45-60 minute advanced circuit style training class consists of high intensity cardiovascular exercises and explosive movements to build your muscular strength. This is not your starter exercise class and is recommended for athletes and adaptive athletes alike.

This 30 min class is designed to keep your heart rate up while increasing endurance and building muscle. It will rev up your metabolism, promote a healthy heart, and blast fat, while maintaining muscle mass as you alternate between cardio and strength exercise. People of all abilities and fitness levels are welcome.

A total body inclusive workout all from a chair. Grab your friends and family for the perfect workout for every and any body!

This is an activity based program designed to build better balance and walking for anyone with a condition that may impact balance/
mobility or anyone who is physically mobile looking to improve stability. Our trainers will lead you through 30 minutes of activity including a gentle aerobic warm up, various standing and/or seated exercises.